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BRACHEV LTD is a foreign trade family company focused primarily on exporting of sunflower seeds and kernels from Bulgaria to the other European countries. The main business partner of the company is KERPI LTD which is a leading producer of raw and roasted sunflower seeds and kernels with unique potential and modern equipment. In this aspect BRACHEV LTD is operating mostly as a foreign trade representation office of KERPI LTD and is taking active part in the development of new products for many customers under their private label. Read more about KERPI LTD here...

BRACHEV LTD was established in 2010 and for about 2 years it managed to reach 2200 mt annual export volume with a growth rate of more than 75% for 2012. The increasing demand from the customers created many new opportunities for BRACHEV LTD and therefore the company started a variety of new successful business partnerships in Bulgaria and in many European countries and increased the number of services which the company is offering Read more about our services here...

Although the company has a relatively short history, the people behind its success have rich experience in the sunflower seeds business and in a great number of foreign trade activities. The company employees have multi language communication skills which facilitate a lot the easiness of everyday work. Read more about Ivelin Brachev here...


We are bridging Bulgarian and European companies by doing the following:

  • Bulgaria > Europe – We are devoted to assist the Bulgarian companies in finding reliable partners abroad and in growing their business by development of new products and by implementing the European standards in reality.

  • Europe > Bulgaria - We are devoted to assist the foreign companies in finding reliable partners in Bulgaria and in growing their business by development of new products under their private label and by offering a wide range of services.


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and guide our business activities

  • Professionalism – We believe that the professional approach is essential for the growth of every serious business nowadays.

  • Trust – We build trust with our customers and partners and this brings new business opportunities for everyone; without trust we cannot do business at all.

  • Openness – We are open and transparent to our customers and partners and we believe that secrecy may only damage and ruin the trust we have already built.

  • Honesty – Honesty is an innate part of our company integrity and we believe that it is the necessary foundation for building of any type of human relationship.

  • Positivity – We believe that positivity creates opportunities and mutual understanding while negativity can bring only problems.

  • Responsibility – We are fully responsible for our actions and we respect very much our contracts and obligations. We always keep our promises.

  • Customer focus – Our customers are our greatest treasure. They bring also valuable ideas for development of new products and new business. Therefore exceeding the expectations of our customers is the most important goal of all.


  • We are an export company that gets always financially involved.

  • We cover all types of risks that may arise and is responsible financially for covering of these risks.

  • We take care of all export activities – transportation, documentation, customs clearance, fumigation, laboratory testing, certification, etc.

  • We are responsible for VAT return.

  • We are the leading export company in the KERPI group.

  • We can provide valuable market information upon request.

  • We are responsible for new product development.

  • We can act as agents on behalf of our customers and partners.

  • We protect the interests of its customers.

  • We are committed to work efficiently and to offer our customers a wide range opportunities for cost reduction.